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    What you will be confronted with in this web site is duality and the study of duality. Duality and ethics go hand in hand because ethics is composed of duality. Why the study of duality? To demonstrate that it's everywhere, which ultimately leads to the recognition and knowledge of non-duality. With study it becomes apparent that life is dual because its opposite - death is always close at hand and that the only way to transcend this condition is through the recognition of non-duality. That the apparent duality of life is actually the temporal appearance of something non-dual. That in fact the dual physical world could not exist if it wasn't supported by non-duality. It is something that exists outside of space and time. This awareness can only come from states of transformation of consciousness. The reason why is that consciousness exists both inside and outside space / time at the same time. This is also why nothing is ever lost or found, only remembered.

    Duality to the initiate becomes a study of the interplay of opposing mental  concepts and the forces of nature. This includes a detailed investigation of both good and evil. The goal of this study is the pursuit of knowledge for it's own sake, not to arrive at a state where one force conquers the other, for to do that would result in a state of psychological imbalance, which is also known as insanity. "Be careful when exorcising your demons lest you cast out the best part of you." This position arises out of the awareness that neither good or evil can be destroyed. That both good and evil will always be with us as a condition of physical existence and that its meant to be that way. This is what is meant when it is stated in the Bible that,  "The Lord hath made all things unto himself, even the wicked for the day of evil."  Our role is to achieve equilibrium and as we do that we must respect evil and we must make evil respect us. What most people don't realize is that crime is not evil because any of us would steal if we were hungry, and any of us would kill if we were without hope. That is why we must always forgive the actions of others if we want to be forgiven ourselves. Now it becomes self-evident that the notion of good triumphing over evil upon the millennial return of Christ is a fairy tale at its worst and a metaphor for what happens to the individual on the spiritual journey at its best.

    It also becomes apparent that any religious or spiritual discipline lacking an in depth study of this subject isn't going to be able to help you when the time comes to deal with it. This subject is of paramount importance because it leads you to an understanding of the universe as it truly is, instead of how we would like it to be. This is the point in a persons life when they must cast aside all the religions based entirely on duality alone because it isn't going to get them to the truth. At this point in my life when confronted with a new religious system the first question I ask is, "Is it dual?" and if it is I move on. Only those systems based on non-duality can provide the proper instruction for me now and that is why they are there.

    This system of magic connects a person to non-duality using symbols, images and names that arise out of duality and are elements of concentrated force of a dualistic nature. With this information in hand a successful initiation into the Neophyte Grade of the western esoteric system is one that totally wipes out all the four elements from your consciousness and exposes you to the titanic forces of the dualistic material world. This is not an experience to be taken lightly because if your character isn't ready for it the experience will turn into a nightmare. This creates a situation where the individual is forced to reintegrate these components on his/her own or through additional initiations. But is the power that is invoked with the symbol or is it with you? Is the power with the image or the name or is it with you?  It was always you, because you were always there. So how much of it was you and how much just the symbol, name or image?  It was all you! If it wasn't you then you would have had to cease your existence on the plane of action. Just try doing that! - - - - Having some difficulty?  When since the time you dropped out of the womb have you ever ceased to perform on the plane of action?  The only people who can do this are dead!  You change the world with every breath you take just by being here!  What kind of world do you want it to be?  Make it happen!

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